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Quick Fix Plus® has received some updated branding. As we aim to stay at the forefront, we felt it was time to update our packaging to make it more ergonomic for customers. The unique formula for our synthetic urine has been updated to continue to provide results that will always work!

Our new design for the Quick Fix Plus bottle is also beneficial for our users. The urine bottle’s slim, hourglass shape makes it easier to hold and attach a heat pack to with the included rubber band. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is the only product on the market that continues to set the trends and is the only reliable synthetic urine that never lets you down.

3 oz content together

Don’t be fooled by imitators

Spectrum Labs is the only creator and manufacturer of Quick Fix® synthetic urine, and when you buy from us, you are guaranteed to receive the authentic product. Knockoffs of Quick Fix are frequently exposed as counterfeit and may not perform with the same reliability as our actual formula. So be sure to verify your batch number!

Quick Fix has become synonymous with novelty urine. It is the only product frequently requested by name, which is no coincidence. Our synthetic urine always works and has for over twenty years.

Don’t risk your big day with less advanced urine brands or cheap fake pee online! Purchasing Quick Fix® directly from Spectrum Labs or one of our authorized retailers instills confidence that you are buying authentic, high-quality synthetic urine that is available today and will be delivered as quickly and discreetly as possible.

Our customer support team is available 8 am-5 pm EST Monday through Friday to answer any questions. Give us a call at 1-800-721-1414.

Have you already purchased a product? Use our Batch Validator to verify authenticity!

Facts About Quick Fix® Synthetic Urine

Uniquely blended to mimic natural urine with 99.99% accuracy

Spectrum Labs has maintained Quick Fix® synthetic urine for over two decades to sustain our unbeatable success rate. Our products are constantly updated to reflect the latest technological advances – just another reason why it’s so important to make sure you have the latest version of Quick Fix® sold directly from Spectrum Labs or an authorized retailer.

Our strict quality control measures require that every batch is extensively tested before being released to the public, so you know you’re getting the best product money can buy. Our customers are the first to know when a new formula comes out.

And when you choose Quick Fix®, you don’t need to stress – the product comes with everything you need to use it right out of the box, with no mixing required!

How do I use Quick Fix®?

Using Quick Fix® is easy. No microwave? No problem! Just attach the preheated hand warmer to the bottle an hour before using.

  • Activate the Hand Warmer 30 minutes prior to attaching to urine bottle.
  • Twist off your Quick Fix® cap to separate the air-tight seal and place it back on
  • Heat it in the microwave for 10 seconds
  • Secure the lid. Shake your bottle of the best synthetic formula before attaching the handy dandy heat warmer with the included rubber band!
  • Hide it inside a Leg Strap or other preferred method of transport.
  • Shake before using!

That’s it! And if you end up not using Quick Fix®, reheat it at a later time! Quick Fix® Synthetic Urine is the only trusted brand to reheat multiple times thanks to our patented biocide. The included hand warmer is only good once, but you can pick up some more from us! Grab extra Temperature Strips if you plan to carry your Quick Fix® everywhere over the next two years in case any peel off!

See the product instructions for more details, be sure to read our FAQ for quick answers to common questions, and feel free to call our customer support staff at 1-800-721-1414 if you need any help.

Assist Your Quick Fix

Transporting your Quick Fix fake urine just got easier! We have wearable accessories that can help hold and hide your bottle comfortably! The Leg Strap secures your Quick Fix bottle and handwarmer with a thick and stretchy band.

Hide your bottle of fake urine inside a secret pocket in your underwear with the Quick Fix Briefs! This solution is great for men and women. The Quick Fix Briefs come in 3 sizes, check them out!

Want to keep your Quick Fix snug in your boots or under your pants? The Ankle Strap is the smallest of the accessories but works just as great! It all depends on what our customer’s preferences are and how they expect their days to go. Since these new accessories are durable, you can reuse them for many years to come, so get one of each!