Extra Temperature Strips


A three pack of replacement temperature strips for your Quick Fix bottle is now here! Grab a pack to always have backup and be confident with the temperature your synthetic urine reads!

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Now presenting to you, extra Quick Fix Temperature Strips! It’s always smart to keep a little backup on hand. Similar to the heat pack bundle we provide, these are 3 extra temperature strips! Quick Fix is the only synthetic urine that can be trusted enough to reliably reheated it over and over again until its expiration date! Grab extra temperature strips in case anything happens in between the two years you have your bottle of Quick Fix or store it away for later!

Each bundle contains 3 adhesive temperature strips that stick to your Quick Fix, Quick Fix Plus, and Quick Fix Pro. The 3 of these products all include a temperature strip already, but it’s better to be safe than to be sorry!



Simply peel the temperature strip from the protective back paper. Stick it on your Quick Fix bottle, or Quick Fix Plus and Quick Fix Pro containers!

After microwaving your Quick Fix Synthetic Urine for 10 seconds, read the temperature strip. If your temp strip is black, give your bottle a few minutes to cool down - it's most likely overheated.

The perfect reading on your temperature strip should be between 94 - 98 degrees and displayed on the strip in green.

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