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Everything To Know About Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

This blog is all about Quick Fix Urine to help cover the important basics you need to know when using Quick Fix Synthetic! We have summarized the main questions asked about America’s favorite fake pee and provided detailed answers to them below so you can feel like an expert for when it’s time to use your Quick Fix.

1. Is Quick Fix Reusable?

2. Can Quick Fix Be Reheated?

3. Does Quick Fix Expire?

4. Where Can I Buy Quick Fix?

5. Does Quick Fix Contain Urea?

Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine 3 ounces - Three Packs

What Is Quick Fix Synthetic Urine?

Can it be reused, reheated, or expire?

Quick Fix Novelty Synthetic Urine has been the #1 brand and choice for fake pee for over two decades. Spectrum Labs has sold more Quick Fix Synthetic than all of their competitors combined. The legacy of Quick Fix comes from constant innovation to the formula and the amazing customers that continue to support and trust Quick Fix Synthetic Urine.

If you’ve had Quick Fix sitting in your home for a while, or if you’ve heated it without using it, you may be wondering if your Quick Fix Urine is still good after all this time? And the answer is, as long as it’s within the two-year window, you shouldn’t have to worry about your Quick Fix going bad, even after opening and heating!

This is because, Quick Fix has a guaranteed two-year shelf life, which is the longest out of any other competitors. The Quick Fix formula has a patented biocide to keep it fresh and prevent bacteria from growing inside the solution – even after opening and heating!

So, can Quick Fix be reheated? Absolutely! But can you reheat other synthetic urine besides Quick Fix? We would suggest not to since no other formula contains this biocide. Other synthetic urine brands will claim it lasts as long, but especially after opening, the competitors simply can’t stop any bacteria that gets inside the solution with their inferior formulas.

Therefore, if you are wondering, “Can Quick Fix be reused?”, it’s a yes. If it’s within its expiration date, the special biocide will allow you to reheat your fake pee without the worry of it going bad. But we can’t endorse the same for other synthetic brands as they do not have this patented biocide in their ingredient mix.

Quick Fix 6.3 Contents

Directions For How To Use Quick Fix Urine

After purchasing your Quick Fix from an official and trusted source like us, you will receive your package within a few days in a discreet envelope (or box for larger orders). * Did you know orders can also be overnighted for the next evening or before noon? *

  1. Remove your Quick Fix product from its pouch (or box if it is the belt or 2 ounce)
  2. Look for the batch number. If you have Quick Fix Plus, it will be written on the bottle directly. For Quick Fix 2 ounce, the batch number can be found on the slip of paper inside the box. For Quick Fix Pro the Belt Kit, batch numbers will be stamped inside the box on the top flap typically.
  3. Use the batch validator to verify the code on your Quick Fix. You can use our batch validator or…
  4. Use the QR code on the back to get the Batch Validator for the Official Spectrum Labs website which features more products than Quick Fix fake urine such as detoxes.

Now that you have verified your fake pee is valid and not expired, you can continue to the instructions listed below! However, if your batch comes up expired, please contact customer service so we can replace it for you! If the batch number comes back invalid, you may have counterfeit. If you’ve checked twice and the code is still wrong, please call to let customer service know where and when you purchased the invalid Quick Fix. This will help us find the counterfeiters and we will also replace your Quick Fix by double just for helping us!  

Continued Instructions

  • Open the cap for Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus. Both caps have a seal underneath that breaks when it is twisted open. If you are using Quick Fix Pro, place the entire bladder inside with all of its attachments.
  • Twist the cap back on to prevent spillage after opening. If you are using the belt, make sure the clamps are closed to prevent leaking.
  • Microwave for 10 seconds. Do not microwave any longer as it can melt the bottle and bladder.
  • Allow the Quick Fix product to cool until a green dot appears on the temperature strip by the “6” or “8”. This indicates the temperature is at 96 – 98 degrees Fahrenheit which is normal body temperature. Make sure the temperature is between 90 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit to appear as real urine.
    • If it is still black after waiting, it still may be overheated, so wait just a little longer.
  • Use the rubber band provided for Quick Fix and Quick Fix Pro to attach the hand warmer to the bottle. If you have Quick Fix Pro, stick the heat pad to the bladder – avoiding the temperature strip directly.
  • Shake the bottle (or bladder) before use. Make sure the temperature is still in a good range before using it.

The small hand warmers last up to five hours. So if you think you will be waiting or aren’t expecting when a novelty or fetish purpose can happen, it may be smart to buy an extra 5 hand warmers already in this convenient bundle.

Remember the main steps with your Quick Fix Kits. Activate the handwarmer by shaking it, along with shaking up the bottle to keep the urine solution mixed well inside. Heat in the microwave or attach the handwarmer on an hour before use to get it up the temperature. Continue to monitor the temperature to ensure accurate and satisfactory results of your novelty urine. When storing your Quick Fix synthetic urine, keep it in a cool (room temp), dry place away from sunlight.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 2 ounce – Three Packs

Get Quick Fix Plus from

Where can I buy Quick Fix? Right here!

Since we are the direct manufacturer for Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, all products purchased and shipped are the freshest batches.

We have customer service ready for any calls or emails regarding questions or concerns! We are also the only other website to provide an accurate batch validator that matches the official one at Spectrum Labs which is where more than just urine products can be found. This is where the QR code on the back of your Quick Fix products will lead to in case you can’t find your way back here to verify your batch.

Quickly and swiftly, get your Quick Fix Synthetic Urine here and be on your way as the busy and hard-working individual you are!

What is the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Formula?

Does Quick Fix Contain Urea?

Quick Fix has all the main ingredients found in real human urine. This includes urea, creatine, biocide, and a few other important characteristics in urine that are secret to the top performing formula. Quick Fix balances the pH, specific gravity, and creates a few bubbles just like real urine.

No other synthetic urine brand focuses on quality more than Spectrum Labs does for their products, especially the iconic Quick Fix formula. This premixed and unisex laboratory urine is great for any situation in any location!

More Helpful Quick Fix Products and Tips

Quick Fix Plus

Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine is 3 ounces of the best performing formula in the business. Every Quick Fix purchased is straight from the manufacturing line, giving you the freshest product. Quick Fix Plus can sometimes be found less expensively inside a smoke shop. But our convenient check out, customer service, fresh product, and discreetness in our delivery is the experience many of our customers enjoy through us!

Quick Fix

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is 2 ounces. These make great backups or if you’re not sure how much urine you’d like to use, the 2 ounce can provide that extra liquid. Only mix synthetic urine if it’s from the same batch.

Quick Fix Pro

Quick Fix Pro Synthetic Urine Belt Kit is a convenient alternative to someone who doesn’t want to place other accessories on them like the hiding pocket briefs, ankle straps, or leg straps. This Quick Fix Belt Kit helps users hide a 4 ounce bladder under their shirts with a convenient belt that fits most sizes. 

Quick Fix Briefs

Want to hide your Quick Fix but need to keep it close? The Quick Fix Briefs have a special pocket in the front to help keep your Quick Fix or Quick Fix Plus safe and tucked away inside! The Quick Fix Briefs are unisex and come in 3 sizes: M/L, L/XL, XXL. Try out this convenient way to transport your synthetic urine or the other accessories provided based on your personal preference.

Quick Fix Ankle Strap

Depending on the person, you’ll have a different preference on the best way to carry and transport your Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. Velcro this Ankle Strap to the bottom of your leg and hide it under your pants! This small pocket will keep your bottle of Quick Fix secure and can be reused again and again, years later!

Quick Fix Leg Strap

Not feeling underwear or ankle straps? The Quick Fix Leg Strap is designed to stay on your thigh. The thicker straps and Velcro keep it in place so you can confidently tuck and carry your Quick Fix around! This durable strap can be reused later or even taken as extra carrying room for concerts and other crowded places.

Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

  • Did you know, the Quick Fix Plus bottle has its batch number on the bottle but Quick Fix has its batch number on a slip of paper inside its package.
  • You can store your Quick Fix inside your glovebox, closet, locker, pocket, and more! It’s small and easy to hide!
  • Email [email protected] or Call 800-721-1414 to contact customer service.
  • If you are concerned about counterfeit, check out more information here
Batch Validator 3 oz
Batch instructions

Thank you for reading our blog and being a part of the Quick Fix community!