Spectrum Labs Hand Warmers (5 pack)


A pack of 5 individually packaged Spectrum Labs hand warmers. Perfect for warming your hands, feet, or synthetic urine.

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Spectrum Labs hand warmers are air-activated heat pads, perfect for warming your hands, feet, or synthetic urine. Sold as a pack of 5. Each hand warmer is individually wrapped. UPC: 674008432875


  1. Unpack and Inspect: Remove the hand warmer from its packaging and inspect for any damage.
  2. Expose Air Activator: Locate the air activator within the hand warmer. It's usually a small disc-shaped component.
  3. Apply Pressure: Bend or squeeze the air activator between your fingers or against a firm surface to initiate the heating process.
  4. Shake Thoroughly: Once activated, shake the hand warmer vigorously for a few seconds. This helps distribute the heat evenly.
  5. Place in Pocket or Gloves: Insert the activated hand warmer into your pocket or gloves or attach to whatever you need to keep warm. It will continue to radiate heat for an extended period.

Note: The hand warmer is a single-use, disposable item. Dispose of it responsibly after use. Avoid direct skin contact with the air activator during activation.