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Quick Fix Plus Updates Their Packaging!

You may have noticed; Spectrum Labs has recently revolutionized their Quick Fix Plus packaging. This was done for many good reasons that benefit their customers. Further below is the official press release, but feel free to read a short summary of the important topics mentioned in the article!

Why Did Spectrum Labs Change Their Quick Fix Plus Box?

Spectrum Labs has invested much time in surveying their customers to find out how to give them the best experience. Moving to the pouch was more ergonomic in a few ways:

  • Thin and flexible packaging to fit almost anywhere
  • Durable and waterproof!
  • Light weight with no extra bulk for on-the-go situations
  • Easy tear open

Also on the pouch is a QR code to guide users to the batch validator and instructions without hassle. Remember to always validate your batch number to verify your synthetic urine is genuine. Order here to get the updated pouch with your next purchase!

The press release reassures customers with the box that their Quick Fix Plus still contains the best performing synthetic urine inside! Want to read more about the new Quick Fix Plus Pouch? Check out the full press release here!